Having an innovative record that spans more than 70 years, the ITT Flow Control Company is known to be a major manufacturer of valves, membranes, pumps, and related gadget and products in the area of beverage, marine, developing region, as well as general industries. Its flow control portfolio includes such impressive brands, like Alcon, Jabsco, Rule, Midland-ACS, PCI, and of course, Flojet. When it comes to electric pumps, people are becoming more and more aware of the reliability and efficiency of Flojet pump products.


ITT Flojet is a key manufacturing company of small-sized air-operated and electric pumps meant for use in Industrial, RV and Beverage markets. Currently, the company has begun its expansion of its product line on water dispensing with the manufacture and sale of Flojet Bottled Water System. When one connects any bottle to the water dispensing system, fresh water becomes available for consumer use with water dispensers, ice makers, coffee machines, and other type of application where potable water is necessary. Such water dispensing system is energy-efficient by up to as much as twenty-five percent, more than any other type of bottled water systems already available in the market. When one needs to dispense water to any refrigerator, the systems eliminates the use of water filters. This prevents wasteful disposal of more than 300,000 water filters every year.

Bottled Water System by Flo jet is definitely designed to provide the ultimate convenience. Pumps automatically shut off when water source becomes depleted. On the other hand, once the supply of water is restored, Flojet pump device begins again automatically. The system eliminates any chance of possible damage to the water pump. It likewise prevents the control box from running out of water. The newly-developed system is backed fully by Flojet brand of electrical diaphragm pumping technology. Such system is proven to be effective, what with its over 35 years of excellence in pump operation, as well as 7 million Flojet pump units in service.

This Flojet System Plus possesses a sole water line which is easily connected to standard 3 to 5- gallon bottles. Flojet involves fast and easy processes, like connection on port fittings, as well as replacement and installation of tubing on discharge and suction actions. Since the system uses clean demand pump, water pressure is maintained automatically in the discharge feeding going to the main faucet and discharge valves. Flojet’s sealed vacuum consistently keeps water quality to be fresh. On the other hand, a built-in check valve works to prevent any back flow. The pump system works on its operation in a quiet manner.  It likewise turns on and off automatically, when one opens and closes the faucet, respectively.

Without a doubt, one of the most popular products from ITT Flojet that is easily available in the market today is its Bottled Water System Plus. For individuals and companies interested in owning such device, they are available at a retail price of 150 dollars. It must be a bit pricey for some people to afford the device. However, if only because of the device’s excellent features and uses, Flojet Bottled Water Plus is simply worth the price.

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